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      Ques 1     
How  can  I  order  &  download all 26  EasyCal Algebra videos  ?

Answer  :  You can easily order & download the full copy of  26 EasyCal Tricks of Faster Algebra  in next few minutes.

For  $ 42  you would get your personal copy of this Easycal-Algebra Series with
  26 complete videos  ( Total duration :  5 hours 12 minutes of fast Algebra techniques )

What's more ?  You would get an  unlimited play license for Lifelong  for one computer of your choice.  This means you can watch these videos as many times as you want and for as many years as you want ( lifetime )

You can learn these 26 techniques of fast Algebra
 at your own pace


  • You just need to download your copy once and save it on your computer ( or take a back up on a CD )

  •  Then onwards you can play these videos anytime  you want (even internet is not required).  As the videos are stored locally on your computer thus you don't have to waste your bandwidth to download them everytime  or wait for them to buffer.  Just click the play button and the videos will start to play.

  •  Even after you format your computer or replace your hard disk, the videos can be easily reinstalled using the setup files you have downloaded.

  • Your Copy of EasyCal Videos can be transferred to another computer when you will buy / upgrade to a new computer .  In other words your copy will remain with you for lifelong ( that is for as long as you want ).



     Ques 2       What  are  the  steps  involved  in  Order  &  Download  ?

Answer  :   Follow the 3 easy steps given below .

   Click on Download Now .

2.     You will be taken to the secure PayPal Site (256 bit encrypted). PayPal is the world's largest online Bank thus is 100% safe.

Make the payment of $42 (no other charges) using your credit card or PayPal account.  It does not matter which country or currency you have.

3.     Minute the payment is made you get an  instant access  to your video download link (setup.exe) --  66 MB File

This instant access for you is made possible as we have integrated the fast download server
with the online Bank (PayPal).

A copy of this download link will also get emailed to you for your record along with your PayPal Receipt .


 That's it.     Just click the link once to download the Video file ( 66 MB ) containing all the 26 videos.  

You can save it or take a back-up on a CD .

As soon as you install, the videos start playing automatically. 



Our order and download process is indeed very simple .  Moreover you can contact us anytime if any assistance is needed    contact us


Ques 3 
     What would I get in full version of EasyCal-Algebra Videos ?

1) You get total  5 Hours & 12 minutes  of fast Algebra Tricks  (66 MB Video file)

2) Tricks are presented as 26 easy video lessons ( full ) covering
Algebra from the basic to the advanced level.

3) Clickable Menu so that you can jump to any trick in a click.

4) Has powerful tricks to easily solve even the difficult Algebra questions ( from school to college level ) and then double-check your answer.

5) Using these techniques you will be solving Math questions faster than your classmates and at times faster than your Math teacher .

6) Highly effective for getting high score in  SAT, GRE, GMAT, MBA or your regular
Math tests at school . Moreover, you will comfortably complete your Math test well before the given time. 

7) You get an Unlimited Play license for lifetime .

8) Helps you to not just master Algebra but conquer your Math phobia for lifetime.





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PS :     The Full Copy of  26 EasyCal Videos of Fast Algebra Tricks  can be ordered for  $ 42 (no other charges  )  for a limited time only. The price of this best-selling Algebra tutorial is expected to get increased soon .

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